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About Bakenomics

This recipe pricing app was created by Sweet Fest®, a sweets only marketing company whose main objective is to help sweet entrepreneurs manage & grow their sweet businesses. Bakenomics was developed as part of Sweet Fest's commitment to providing business tools to sweet business owners.

Easy to use

Calculate the overall cost required to create your treats, including the cost of materials, labor cost, and even special fees such as delivery and rush charges.


Add in a profit percentage, and Bakenomics will offer a suggested retail price for your treats.

Informed Decisions

Whether you are an established baker or an aspiring sweet entrepreneur, Bakenomics can help you better understand the cost of your work, which will ultimately help you make the best pricing decisions.

Dedicated support

This app is an example of Sweet Fest’s continued commitment to support the needs of the Sweet Community.

Start pricing treats!



Add/update recipes to use in customer quotes.


Add or update ingredients for recipes.


Add or update supplies for recipes.


Add or update prep time and baking activites.
Customer quote screen from inside the recipe costing & pricing app Bakenomics.


Create a database of recipes, quotes, ingredients, supplies, and activities.


Track your customers and send quotes directly from the app.


Estimate your profits by per recipe by managing your profit margins and costs

And much more!

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